This page is for visiting teachers.

It doesn't cost a lot to make everything available to everyone, but it's not free.  If, for some reason, you want to help out defraying the costs, there are a few ways you can do so:

  • If you shop at Amazon, buy stuff through this link, and this site will get a little kickback on anything you buy from them during the 24 hour period following your clicking the link (the cost of the item doesn't change for you, but the site gets a little % in return for your business).
  • There's a small "Support This Channel" button on David's YouTube Channel, which will give me money directly.  Of course, just watching the videos with ads enabled will generate some revenue, and liking the videos will help bring them to more people.
  • Check out the ways you can support "Horizontal Transfer", which will give the show (and me, by extension) some support.