Summer Project #1: About that YouTube Channel...

I've been busy with other things this past month, and haven't had a moment to ring in over here. That doesn't mean I haven't been a busy little monkey. Now that the school year is over, I thought I would take a moment and write up a few of my major projects for the summer. We might as well start with the majorest: I'm updating my YouTube channel.

If that was it, this wouldn't be a major project. But really, the update is to get things ready for a series of videos that I'm making for my Honors Chemistry classes. I've used the "video-as-textbook-replacement" model in the class for several years, but I've been using other people's videos. Which isn't terrible, and if I didn't have a designer's inclination to make my own "brand" of videos, I'd probably leave it like it was. But "make your own videos" has been a steady request on my end-of-year student surveys for several years now, and it seemed like the time was right. By "right", I mean that this summer is the first chunk of post-infant time that I've had to really work at it with an eye toward getting as far along as I want to before the start of next year.

Find the first unit's worth of videos below. If you're looking to learn some Honors-level chemistry, or you'd like to offer some design advice, go right ahead. Heck, you can even subscribe to the channel if you really want to get the goods.